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Not at all, you are enrolled on a month to month membership and can cancel anytime – hassle-free.

For the portfolio, yes you may check out all the work done by us via

You are free to make as many changes you like without any extra cost.
For the number of changes made at one time, it will depend on the number of designers you have signed up for.

Sometimes it’s much easier to talk or discuss things.
Currently, communication is only done via email.

I understand that somethings are easier to be explained in one call.

We love making things much easier for you. Most of all, we want to deliver your work as accurate as possible based on your requests.

We used to accept calls to take on requests and changes, however, there are times when the calls are unclear due to reception or there’s no way for us to make a record of your requests especially when using landlines.

Yes, so far, our team only work with stock or your own images.

As of now, we do not include complex illustrations or gif.
Simple vector illustrations are possible.

All stock images that we select for you from our library are free for you to use, and they are commercially-free to use as well.

If you do have something specific from a stock image website that has to be purchased, we will do a match to see if we have that in our library too. If we happen to have, we will be able to provide it, otherwise, we will have to trouble you to purchase that image and send it to us to use in your designs.

Yes, that’s correct. So long all designs only requires simple graphics, not complex 3D rendering, complex illustrations or video creation, you are well-covered at US $597 per month.

In this case, time required will come into play. For example a 2 page brochure will be complete sooner than 100 page book and so on.

We work on all designs as fast as we can, though we don’t guarantee on time taken per design. A general guide of turnaround is about 1 to 3 days.

We have delivered designs within a day as well. Hence I would say is possible, although 2 hours timeline is not something we promise for all designs because it depends a lot on the requirement of the banner, example the content that’s been supplied need to be reduced to fit, or the required stock image or fonts may need more time to be searched for, etc.